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A Leading Company And Manufacturer Of AC DC Brushless Inverter Controller
GUANGDONG SHUNDE SANKEY ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD has been established since 2017, certified by ISO9001:2015 and ICS, which is a technical electronic company focusing on R&D、production and sales of the DC brushless inverter controller.Our factory covers 7200square meters and has more than 100 employees. Our main products are high-voltage DC fan inverter controller PCBA, low-voltage ceiling fan inverter controller, standing fan and business fan inverter controller, EC motor variable frequency driver, DC brushless water pump driver, AC/DC ceiling fan PCBA and other DC brushless series controller.? At present, we have the complete set of schemes for two major products-AC motor controller and DC variable frequency driving controller. 
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All Kinds Of Inverter Controller

Welcome To Our Company, 
Where Innovation Meets Excellence.
Versatility is our strength. We operate in diverse application areas, providing customized products to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether it's a specific feature, design, or functionality, we have the flexibility to create the products you envision.

Why Can Sankeytech Be Trusted?

Sankey Electronics Technology stands out with comprehensive in-house R&D capabilities encompassing hardware and software. We excel in the development of cutting-edge technologies and applications, particularly in the fields of DC brushless variable frequency motor drive and control. Our expertise extends to industries such as consumer electronics, smart IoT technology, and AI-driven speaker controls.

With a focus on autonomous innovation, we provide clients with theoretical algorithms, drive software and hardware, operational controls, complete system solutions, and analytical software equipment. Our commitment to delivering top-notch technical services and products is evident in our solutions that lead in technology, quality, and cost competitiveness. At the forefront of direct current and brushless motor advancements, we offer our clients competitive and pioneering solutions.

Competitive Design Service For Global Brands

Pre-Sale Service
According to the needs of every customer, our team provides personal customized solutions to meet special requirements of customers.
Sale Service
Producing by our own, we take strictly control of quality.To teach customers how to use our product patiently , so that customers know the best way to use the product, improving customer satisfaction.
After-Sale Service
Provide 24-hour online consulting services to solve the problems, ensure customers use the product smoothly.

To Create Mutual Prosperous Business Together



After returning to work from the Chinese New Year holiday, our company aims to kick off the new year with enthusiasm and positivity. In line with Chinese tradition, we've decided to inspire our employees by distributing firecrackers and red envelopes. This gesture symbolizes our wish

19 March 2024

At Sankey Company, we believe in fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and team spirit among our employees. That's why every year, we organize company-wide trips to various destinations, allowing our team members to bond outside of the workplace and experience new cultures together.

18 March 2024
3rd Floor and 4th Floor, Factory Building, No.3 Chengcai Road, Dayan Community, Leliu Street, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province,China
Sankeytech Co,Ltd has been established since 2017, certified by ISO9001:2015 and ICS, which is a technical electronic company focusing on R&D、production and sales of the DC brushless inverter controller.

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